Change in Private Ltd Company - Add Directors



Add a Director having DSC and DIN to the Board of Directors.

Rs. 4899
+18% GST applicable


Add a Director having DSC to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DIN application.

Rs. 5899
+18% GST applicable


Add a Director to the Board of Directors. Fee inclusive of one DSC and one DIN

Rs. 6899
+18% GST applicable

Add Directors

An individual who is entrusted by the shareholders in order to maintain the affairs of the company is the Director of the company. Eazy Startup offers an easy procedure for appointment of director from Rs.4899/-

An individual elected by the shareholders for maintaining the affairs of the company as per the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association is the Director of a company. A company being an artificial person formed by law, it can only direct via agency of the natural person. Therefore, the management and director of the company will include living persons who are consigned to the Board of Directors. A company needs Appointment of Directors based on specific time-based requirements of the shareholders of the business.

An individual proposed to become a Director must acquire a Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), in-order to appoint a director. The age criteria for obtaining DIN for an individual who succeeds 18 years. DIN applicant will not consider residency status or nationality. Therefore, Foreign Nationals, Indian Nationals and Non-Resident Indians can acquire the DIN and company will appoint the Director of a company in India.


Managing Director

An individual who is entrusted with the considerable powers of maintaining company affairs by the righteousness of a company or a resolution passed in general meeting or company agreement or its Board of Directors is considered to be Managing Director.

Executive Director

An individual who is involved with full-time employment of the company is the Executive Director. Therefore, they are profound with managing the affairs and management of the company.

Additional Director

An individual appointed by the Board of Directors between two annual general meetings, subject to their provisions of the Articles of Association of an entity is called Additional Director. They can uphold the business unit only up to the date of next annual general meeting of the company.

Ordinary Director

An individual who takes part in the matters concerned with the Board of Directors and attends the Board Meetings of a company is an Ordinary Director. They are neither Managing Directors nor full-time Directors.

Alternate Director

In a general meeting, an individual who is appointed by the Board of Directors to act as a Director is called Alternate Director who can replace the absence of original Director for a time span of less than three months. In general, Foreign Collaborators and Non-Resident Indians are replaced and an Alternate Director is appointed.



The process of including the Director to the Board of a company is dependent on the existing Board of Directors. You will be advised and guided by our experts with the relevant procedure.


Immediately after acquiring a better understanding of the process engaged in appointing a Director to your company, the required documents for the process will be drafted by our experts.


Immediately after the Board Resolutions are progressed, the required documents will be filed and prepared by our experts with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in-order to register the addition of new Director.


Q: What is the procedure for adding a director?

A: By passing resolution in either annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting, a director can be added or appointed to the board of directors. By a simple majority, ordinary resolutions can be passed. Company should file the resolutions along with the essential forms and the Digital signature of the directors or the Secretary of the company to the Ministry of corporate affairs as soon as the resolution is passed to appoint a director.

Q: What are the documents required to obtain a DIN?

A: Digital signature of the individual applying for DIN, identity and address proof and also a signed affidavit are required to obtain a DIN.

Q: Can a company appoint another corporate body as its directors?

A: No, in India only individuals are permitted to serve as directors of public and private limited companies according to the companies act 2013. 

Q: Eligibility criteria for adding a new director

A: The eligibilities one must fulfil while adding a new director are the proposed individual; he/she should be above 18 years and should qualify all those laws mentioned under Companies act 2013. Apart from the laws by companies act, the consent of the board members is also required. The companies act does not state anything regarding the educational qualification in order to be eligible.

Q: Is there any clause to appoint a women director?

A: It is not mandatory to appoint a women director in private limited company, but in listed and limited companies with the turnover more than or equal to Rs. 300 crores or Rs. 100 crores of paid-up share capital, should appoint at least one women director.