Corporate Compliance - Proprietorship Compliance



Income tax return filing for a proprietorship firm with a turnover of less than Rs.10 lakhs per annum. 

Rs. 1899
+18% GST applicable


Income tax return filing and GST filing for a proprietorship firm with a turnover of less than Rs.25 lakhs per annum. 

Rs. 15899
+18% GST applicable


Income tax return filing and GST filings for a proprietorship with a turnover of less than Rs.100 lakhs per annum. 

Rs. 20899
+18% GST applicable

Proprietorship Compliance

Under several regulations which include Company and LLP, business entities like Proprietorship firms are required to maintain compliance. Contact Eazy Startup for a simple process of registering Proprietorship compliance from Rs.5988/-

In India, registered Companies like LLPs which include Proprietorship firms, compliance maintenance is mandatory. Compliance is comprised of income tax return whereas corporate business units like Company and LLP needs Annual Return Filing under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Income Tax Return Filing under the Income Tax Department for business entities like Proprietorship firms.

Apart from basic compliance, proprietorship firms may also be required to comply with regulatory requirements like TDS, GST, PF, ESI, and others regulations. Maintaining compliance for a business would vary based on the state of incorporation, industry, type of entity, number of employees and sales turnover.

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Income Tax Filing

All proprietorships having a taxable income over the exemption threshold must file Income tax. In certain cases, a tax audit would be necessary.

GST Filing

Proprietorships having GST registration would be required to file monthly, quarterly and annual GST returns under the GST regime rolled out in 2017.

ESI Return

All proprietorship firms having Employee State Insurance (ESI) registration must file ESI returns. Partnership firm employs over 10 employees must have ESI registration.

TDS Filing

Proprietorship firms that have TAN must file Quarterly TDS returns and are required to deduct tax at source as per TDS rules.


Tax Return Preparation

Based on the financials and performance during the previous financial year, an Eazy Startup Compliance Expert shall prepare and file the Tax Return for your Proprietorship.


Upon completion of the Income Tax Return, in the requisite format, the Client's Finance Team shall verify the prepared return and affix the digital signature


With a verification check, the Tax Return shall be filed with the Income Tax Department along with the necessary attachments.