Licence - Digital Signature Certificate


Class 2

For 2 years.

Rs. 1499
+18% GST applicable

Class 3

For 2 years.

Rs. 5899
+18% GST applicable

Digital Signature Certificate 

A Digital Signature Certificate is an electronic format or a digital equivalent of physical certificates.  It acts as an advanced protected key issued by the MCA via the authorized expert to confirm the persona of an individual holding this declaration. At Eazy Startup will aid you to get the DSC from Rs.1499/-

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) contains the following data - name of the guaranteeing authority, client’s name, nation, pin code, email, and date of issuance of declaration, client’s name. In order to open key encryptions to make the marks, Advanced Signatures are utilized.


Diminishes expense and time: One can carefully sign the PDF records and send them at a considerably rapid pace instead of making genuine printed copies, archiving them and examining them to send via email. Computerized Signature Certificates are helpful in verifying the data of individual subtleties of the individual holder when business is directed on web. In order to lead or approve a business, it is not essential for the Digital Signature declaration holder to be physically present.

Information honesty:  Carefully marked documents cannot be altered or modified in the process of marking which ensures protection and security of information. Administration Organizations constantly request the declarations to cross-check and confirm the business transaction. Records which are marked digitally offer certainty to the recipient to be guaranteed of legitimacy of endorsers.

Credibility of Reports: Records which are marked digitally offer certainty to the recipient to be guaranteed of legitimacy of endorsers. Based on such records without getting stressed over the archives being manufactured, they can make a move.

Class 2 Certificates:

Class 2 Certificates are given to signatory specialists/ chief of the organization with the ultimate goal of e-recording with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). They are mandatory for the individuals who require signing the manual archives while recording profits with the ROC.

Class 3 Certificates:

Within India, these validations are used in offering in e-barters/online cooperation and online tenders. Interested individuals (sellers) who want to utilize online tenders are required to have Class 3 computerized signature endorsement.


Q: Who can obtain digital signature 

A: Any individual whether Indian or foreign nationals and any type of business like partnership, private limited, OPC, trust, etc., can obtain a Digital signature.

Q: How long will it take to obtain a DSC?

A: We at Eazy Start-up will help you to complete the registration process within –1-2 days.

Q: Documents required obtaining a DSC

A: PAN card, Aadhar card and a Photograph also the contact number that is linked to Aadhar card of the individual, who is obtaining for a DSC.

Q: Before issuing a DSC, is there any necessity for a physical verification

A: No, for issuing a DSC, it is not required for a physical verification, there is a video verification required to be done by the individual obtaining for DSC.

Q: What type of DSC should on possess for e-filing on MCA portal

A: An individual should have either class 2 or class 3 signing certificate type mandatorily issued by a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) for filing in MCA