Licence - FSSAI Registration


State License

This package includes:

Consultation and support during the process.

State FSSAI registration for restaurants, hotels, millers, milk processing units and food manufacturers

Rs. 11899
+18% GST applicable

Central License

This package includes:

Consultation and support during the process.

Central FSSAI Registration for food importers, export units, and large food businesses

Government fees and Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Rs. 15899
+18% GST applicable


This package includes:

Consultation and support during the process.

For small vendors with Turnover less than12 lakhs 

Rs. 4899
+18% GST applicable

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Registration

It is mandatory for all individuals or organizations functioning in the production, transportation and distribution of food to procure a FSSAI license or registration

To legislate the hygiene levels and standard of food, The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 was introduced.

Accordingly, with the Act, no individual or organization can start or continue any business with the distribution, transportation and production of food products, except with a FSSAI registration or FSSAI license.

Under the aegis of the Central Government of India, Ministry of Family Health and welfare, the FSSAI License is issued by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI).

License Categories

The sub-divided and primary categories of The FSSAI License are:

  • Basic Registration
  • State Level License
  • Central License

Small Manufacturers or who are in food businesses including small scale or cottage scale or such other industries with an annual turnover of less than 12 lakhs require Basic Registration.

Medium sized manufacturers, Hotels and Restaurants will come under a State license, wherein, Large sized food manufacturers are covered under Central Licensing.

Location Specific

A separate License or a separate FSSAI Registration is needed for each distinct location where food is handled. If the entities are operated at multiple locations, they are required to acquire multiple FSSAI licenses.

Hawkers and Cottage Industries

  • A producer or seller of any food items, a petty retailer or vendor, hawker or temporary stall vendor, or food distributor for social or religious gatherings, except a caterer.
  • Micro food businesses such as cottage or small scale or similar industries relating to the food business with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs 12 lakhs.


An FSSAI License is valid for the duration of either one or two years. The license can be renewed prior to the expiry of the license for a further term based on the specific requirements of the business.


Application Preparation

Your FSSAI Application will be prepared by our FSSAI Licensing experts along with the required supporting documents that are submitted to FSSAI.

Application Processing

Immediately, after the submission of application, the relevant FSSAI Licensing Office will process the application and, at this point, may request further documentation and additional information. You will be notified if any additional information is required.

FSSAI License

We will guide you to any requests for information or further documentation (if required) and complete the process of acquiring your FSSAI License, with a validity of 1 or 2 years.


Q: Types of FSSAI food Licences

   1.Businesses, whose annual turnover is less than Rs 12 lakhs, should go for Basic FSSAI registration.

   2.Businesses, whose annual turnover is between Rs 12 lakhs and Rs 20 lakhs, should go for State FSSAI registration. 

   3.Businesses, whose annual turnover is more than Rs 20 lakhs, should go for central FSSAI registration.

Q: Documents required obtaining FSSAI registration

A: Identity and address proof of all the individuals and address proof of office where the registered firm is going to operate. Pan and Aadhar card and photographs of all the directors is mandatory. Rental agreements or property papers (if owned) of the office premises.

Q: If there is a default in renewal of food licence, what are the consequences?

A: If there is a default in renewing the licence, there will be a specified extend due date with Rs 100 as penalty per day till the specified date and thereafter, there is a chance of licence getting cancelled too.

Q: Do an individual need a FSSAI licence for import of some food stuff to sell in in India

A: To import and sell food related products in India, one should possess a central registration certificate of FSSAI food licence.