Startup Related Services - Valuation & Business Modelling


To know the actual value of a business in relation with competition in the market, value of revenue and assets, management will conduct business valuation, which benefits the organisation in many ways such as gaining good knowledge on organisational assets, resale value, support decision making on Mergers and acquisitions and many more.

Following are the reasons/ purpose of business valuation:

  • For selling a going concern business
    While selling a business concern, negotiations of sale are very complex than the actual calculations. Therefore, it is necessary to value the business by considering the values business assets and liabilities accordingly.
  • For taxation requirements
    At times, there arises a discrepancy with tax authorities to business. Therefore valuation process is either initiated by tax authorities or the business, to genuinely value the assets.
  • For liquidating a business
    The major purpose for which the whole concept of valuation came into existence is liquidation of a company. The major role of the valuer is to wind up the business, pay off the debts to all the creditors by realizing all the assets of the business.

The process for business valuation is as follows:

  • Forecasting and ascertaining the need of valuation
  • Acquiring the required information
  • Recording the need of the valuation clearly
  • Developing the basis of valuation
  • Discovering the stakeholders of the business
  • Documenting the outcomes of the investigation conducted
  • Initiating the valuation based on outcomes.
  • Appraising the valuation resulting for supportive documents and genuine testing
  • Preparation of valuation report
  • Closing the report by re-examining it for broadness and accuracy
Business Modelling

M&A, corporate restructuring, post –merger integration, forecasting and budgeting etc., are the various tools of business modelling which involves following stages:

  • Formation of business model
  • Expansion of business model
  • Reconsidering the business model
  • Dissolving the business model

Eazy Startup provides valuation and business modelling services that are suitable to your business requirements.